mikijean (mikijean) wrote,

The Invisible Woman

The bad, the good, and the ugly from the recent trip East:

The bad:
--being the only person from the setting I shared with the groom invited to the wedding. I suppose that should be flattering, but what it really meant was standing by myself at every portion of the wedding looking shy and miserable (and like someone with a hole in her head).
--literally having two different people turn away from me when I tried to make conversation with them. I don't think they were intentionally being rude--I think I was literally invisible to them.
--being asked by the groom to "say a few words at the wedding" 20 hours before said wedding.
--having the groom's mother ("[Groom] says we've met before." Yes. Yes, we have) say that everyone was speculating trying to figure out who the lone wolf was (although not, I would note, introducing themselves and asking) and finally concluding that I was, and I quote, "that famous wedding crasher woman."
--ShanaP's trainer kicked our asses and yelled at us a little.
--Indiana Jones and the Blah Blah of the Crystal Skull. Not impressed.

The good:
--it really was a lovely, loose wedding, and the wonderful bride and groom seemed ecstatic.
--the beach was tremendous--I don't know if it's because it was early in the season or because we were on more private areas, but it was glorious and clear and nearly deserted. Must live near water!
--confirmation that, after being yelled at by aforementioned trainer, actual poundage was lost through aggressive beach walking.
--eating at a "restaurant" on a pier that advertised mullet, rattlesnake eggs, and blood worms.
--playing a Wii--I'm finally fulfilling my father's dreams of making me an excellent (Wii) golfer.
--best of all, seeing ShanaP's family (her kids are a scream and superadorable) and wandering through North Carolina with her. Must live near ShanaP!

The ugly:
--getting sick the second I got off the plane and thinking I'd blown my nose so much I'd worn off all the skin and created weird scarring. Comedian-dermatologist confirms, however, that it's a cold sore/fever blister. On my nose. To quote him, "welcome to the rest of your life with herpes."

Colleague: Who do you have to be nuzzling up to to get nose herpes?
Me: I don't know! No one would even talk to me!

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